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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Windmera is as lovely as she is illegitimate. Two rivals, both handsome and virile sought to have her for his own. One was the bold young American buccaneer captain, the other the bastard son of an English lord.

Against the exotic backdrop of Barbados and then the Cornish countryside, a tumultuous love story unfolds. Reckless passions and wild adventures take a young strong woman into her soul because she dared to love the stranger in her heart.

Their story begins in 1872...when Sara first set her sights on Godwin.

She didn't love him, but she needed him.

However fate played a game with their lives. Godwin goes to the cliffs of Cornwall and there sees Heather Martin.

Forbidden love.

Sara, Godwin's wife was not going to be set aside and so it begins. An epic tale of friendship, betrayal, passion and wickedness.

Humans evolved and set aside their superstitions, as well as their belief in the many Gods they once worshipped.
While some Gods and demigods retired to their hidden worlds, some did not. Those Gods, who always referred to themselves as Cumas, enjoyed living amongst humans.
However, humans are not tolerant of those that are different and the modern man called these ‘different’ people, ‘freaks’.
Apollo wanted to achieve a peaceful resolution to the problem and protect his brethren living in the human world. 
Rebel Cumas wanted to use their powers to achieve their goals at any cost. 
And then, the unthinkable—Apollo’s son, Retaal was captured by the humans.
Jacinta, a young and immortal witch, Apollo’s ward, was sent in to team up with a supernatural and rescue all the Gods, demigods and supernaturals being tortured and held in the prison known as the Lower Planet.
And so it starts.

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