Claudy Conn

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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Lady Jessie Stafford finds herself on the high seas with Don Rodrigo. She is in a precarious situation.

Don Rodrigo has offered to marry her to save her reputation but Jessie will have none of a marriage without love.

They arrive in Argentina and Jessie is more determined than ever to escape him and his family and return to England, but how?

From the wild ranches of exotic Argentina to the drawing rooms of Regency London!In a luminous gown of white and silver Lady Jessica Stafford takes on society at the season’s most magnificent balls and routs. All of London sings her praises, dubbing her the ‘diamond’ and the ‘incomparable!But she is deaf and blind to these praises. No one matters, no one exists, save one—the handsome and dashing rogue Don Rodrigo known as the infamous Spanish Devil!She is all too aware of his reputation. He is all too susceptible to her charms but as he is a  confirmed bachelor he keeps her at arm’s length. Thus, they are both determined to keep each other at bay. But can they? And then her  world crumbles  when  she learns  something about Rodrigo that she cannot accept.One thing is certain—they think they are wrong for each other, yet a fiery passion locks them in a situation that just may destroy their will to stay apart!

When Lady Velvet made her debut before the discriminating Paris ton, the gentlemen gaped and the Marquis of Talgarth gasped!
She had always been a headstrong tomboy and somehow in just a couple of years she had turned into a stunning woman.
Her dancing green eyes were forever twinkling saucily at him as she did just what she wanted. He may be her temporary guardian, but Velvet did not see him in that light!

It was when the marquis' nemesis, Lord Farnsworth decided to have Velvet that sparks began to fly.
Who would she choose? Did she, in fact, have a choice?

Gallager was filled with latent Dark Magic and knew she mustn't call on it. Tragedy struck and changed everything.

Killian, a young royal Fae saw her potential but lust and love intermingled to get in the way.  In the end, would Gally's Dark Magic consume her?

Maddie, with Brandy's help takes London by storm. But she doesn't want to. She soon finds there is only one person she wants to take by storm and he is unattainable.

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