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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
Zoie is working to get her PhD, but is suddenly caught up in the middle of the war being insinuated into the once peaceful world of the Bracken Pack.
A hunk of a hybrid enters her world. He makes her blood sizzle. She wants him. But, lust, is a dangerous thing for woman like Zoie. She is afraid that if she gives him her body, her heart will follow.
Can she trust him? Who does he favor? Is he a player who will leave her broken-hearted?
The Brackens have taken sides with their long-time friends and neighbors, the Wolfe Pack. As they push to uphold Caleb’s alpha right to the Rahound Pack they encounter the sinister Rocco, Caleb’s uncle.
Rocco is ruthless and enlists the aid of rogue shifters, vampires and a warlock with a special gift. That warlock opens a portal to the demon world, and the Red Demons talons hold a poison that is deadly to shifters.
Rocco promises these sinister figures a great deal. Will the Bracken and Wolfe packs be able to defeat them? They appear to be surrounded.

Be sure to check out some Magic and Mayhem!

Rescued by Wendy and Bray, Cain emerges forever altered. The elixir he was administered to save his life is changing him. He is no longer werewolf, but shifter and Fae and the Fae inside of him is fighting for dominance.

All he wants is to get to his pack and tell them he is alive, but when he finds out that Beckett Rheams has taken over his wolves, he becomes obsessed with saving them and Maven. Maven had shared his bed, but, did he love her? Was she the one destined to be his mate? 
That is a question that will haunt him as Tara explodes into his world.
Tara is a Daoine princess who is trying to find redemption and prove herself to her queen and her family. Cain needs help, and she decides she is the one to help him. She is sure he needs Fae training. She is sure he is too good and not ready to face a creature like Beckett Rheams, and she is sure, she is the one to help him.  
However, when these two meet, worlds collide in an explosion of sensations, with Rheams and Maven hovering with their own agenda.

Be sure to check out some Magic and Mayhem!

Collide & Burn
Charlie knows when she first sees Wade Devon that he is trouble. 
She can tell that Wade likes to win. It is what he does. 
He is used to getting what he wants and he makes it obvious that he wants her…no strings attached. So she has to ask herself, should she, or shouldn’t she? 

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