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Magic and Mayhem
Imagine your favorite celebrity knocking on your door and inviting you to write in her world! Would I write a novella for her new Kindle World Magic & Mayhem. Hell yeah!

What is Kindle Worlds? I didn’t even know when I accepted NY Times bestselling Robyn Peterman Zahn’s invitation. LOL.

This is what it basically is: Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The titles written for the world can NOT be purchased at other ebook retailers or anywhere besides the Amazon US site, but they can be read on any tablet, computer, or smartphone using the free Kindle App.

And with that...Witch in the Attic was born!  Since then, I just could not leave Dilly alone... I had to find out where this would take her... enjoying Kindle Worlds so much that a series within now continues with Witchin' Hard!   Available for download now and a don't miss the instafreebie of both below!

Everybody in Dilly’s world wants her, but, no one wants her more than Morlan, a Dark Warlock who has started a civil war in her realm.

Why does he want her? Because she is the key that can open the Chamber of Dark Spells!
She winds up in Zelda’s world—in Zelda’s attic to be precise.
There is a hitch.

What happens to Dilly’s realm will effect the Human Realm and the Fae World as well.
Kallem, a Fae prince whose self-imposed mission is to keep Dilly out of Morlan’s sights and help prevent such a catastrophe, tries to prevent her from leaving Zelda’s attic.

Dilly is not the sort of witch that can sit still in an attic.
Zelda knows something is up.

Dilly exposes herself to Zelda and her friends when they are attacked by vengeful vampires.
Trouble ensues.

Morlan has already brutally murdered her father and now means to find and take Dilly’s mother hostage.
Everyone will pull Dilly in a different direction, but this witch has a mind of her own.

If you're wanting a little more, the first two chapters are available -- Claim the first two chapters free for Witch in the Attic today
Relying on Zelda to heal Kallem, Dilly is swept up into the raging battle threatening her family and her realm.
And then—the unthinkable. 

The love of her life, Kallem, has betrayed her!

Her heart is breaking, but, with her world literally about to fall apart, she can’t take a ‘time out’. 

If she doesn’t do something soon, her realm will implode, and if it does, it will take down the Human and Fae Worlds as well.
She is the ‘key’ and it is up to her to find a solution. Will she in time?

I am so lucky to be doing this with so many talented authors. Each one contributing to Magic and Mayhem!  Find out more about them through the following  link: http://robynpeterman.com/kindle-world/

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