Can't Stop Series - Claudy Conn

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Can't Stop Series


THE FIRST TIME I SAW him, I stood in a dark corner of the lower galley of the paranormal club known as Hazard.
The dance floor overflowed with every kind of supernatural that resided in New Orleans. The pulse was erotic. Everyone seemed bent on letting loose and having a good time.
And then, he stepped out of a black cloud.
I couldn’t tear my eyes away as I watched him walk up to the massive bar, with a swagger all his own. He surveyed the surroundings of the infamous club. His glance went wide, and then high to the upper galley where all the tables and chairs were taken.
Besides freezing me in my tracks with his holy good gosh, good looks, I noticed he didn’t smile. His expression seemed…confident, maybe even arrogant. He behaved as though he owned the world jazzing all around him.
He actually did. He owned Hazard, and maybe, some of the patrons as well.
I had heard a great deal about him. His name was Grail Wilder, though the supernaturals called him, “The Dark Lord”. The talk was that he was the most dangerous supernatural in all of Louisiana, but especially here in his home base of New Orleans.
I had heard very few paranormals ever tried to cross him and those that did…if they lived, regretted that decision.
I looked him over again. I was intrigued by the height and breadth of the man, by the black layered waves of hair that fell to his shoulders, by his mannerisms. Something about the way he moved sent shivers through me.
I had come to this place—this club that catered to any and all paranormals out of sheer boredom.
I wasn’t bored anymore.

Yes, they defeated Vidal and his vampire horde, but the Hallow is still out there waiting to be returned to the Fae Realm.
Smoke’s father is being held a prisoner in the Deatach Realm and as they work to rescue him, she learns who and what she really is, as though being a vampire and a witch wasn’t enough!
In book two we will uncover many secrets as Smoke and her team work to unravel the evil that has taken over Deatach and could spread.
Come on in and find adventure, romance and a heroine who just won't give up.

Smoke and Grail are expecting!

Ill with morning sickness, Smoke goes into the swamp to find the herbs she needs and instead finds a she-wolf under attack by three female shifter wolves. Smoke evens the odds.
However, the shifter wolf she has defended is bleeding out faster than she can heal and Smoke shifts her to Hazard. Months later, that she wolf, “V” has to come to terms with who and what she is—a Fae Seer, and a wolf shifter!

Enter the Fae Prince Rye who needs grudgingly needs her help. A rogue Fae has stolen his queens Hallows and he is charged with retrieving them. Problem—the Fae can’t hear their own Hallows when they call. One of V’s abilities as a Fae Seer, is her Sounder ability which allows her to find Fae Hallows.The two clash at once. He thinks the Fae are superior to paranormal beings such as shifter wolves. V doesn’t agree.Their mission throws them together, but V has a problem—the alpha Zen who thinks she belongs to him.

And so it begins, a wild ride that teaches V just who she is and shows Prince Rye the worth of a wolf!

Book 4 in the Can't Stop series. We meet Smoke's and the Dark Lord's daughter all grown up and ready for action.
A new threat has invaded New Orleans, intent on revenge and killing humans in the process.

Aurora is fully equipped to take this new paranormal on...but is she ready?

The fifth and last of the Can’t Stop Series is full of romance and adventure and Maizy leads the charge.

Maizy isn’t going to let herself get hurt—so why is she drawn to the perfect, bad boy wolf?

In the meantime, worlds are colliding as a human intent on taking down the paranormal world arrives in New Orleans.

Favorites from Riding the Veil will arrive to help the Dark Lord, Smoke and their team in their effort to save their city and Dublin supernaturals from Crawly’s militia.
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