Legend Series - Claudy Conn

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Legend Series

A male, yet not a man, stood before her. His body spelled ‘warrior’, yet his facial expression clearly said, ‘art—magic...science, and lover!’
It was the male Fae—the royal Fae she knew as Breslyn, Prince of Dagda. Oh yes, indeedy, she told herself, Right here, flesh and blood—that is if the Fae are flesh and blood?
She realized he was cloaked in the Féth Fiada—the ability of Fae to go undetected by humans—but Maxie was able to perceive him without any difficulty. Thinking himself safe from human detection, he hadn’t bothered to use human Glamour to tone down his Faeness as he boldly occupied space and looked her over.
Max remembered the last vision she had with him standing in furious resignation over her ancestor’s murder. She had been surprised by the depth of emotion he radiated. Do Fae have hearts? she asked herself as she stared at him. He was staring back at her. In fact, he was letting those sparkling eyes linger all over her body. She sucked in air, because when she opened her mouth, and in spite of her determination to speak, nothing came out! 

I was all too conscious of the fact that I was naked except for the towel wrapped around me. I tried to object—too late. I was in his embrace, and oh my—oh my...his body felt like it was molded from stone. He had me slammed up so firmly against him that I felt that huge, hard male thing pressing into me as he bent me for his kiss.
What am I doing? He is a Fae. I don’t mingle with Fae. Not even with this very special one. No, this was not what I wanted, but his kiss was oh so...Oookay.
Maybe a kiss or two or three...?
His lips parted mine. His tongue gently teased mine to
receive a seductive introduction and then with a soft curse
he was pulling away. I almost pulled him back for more
but managed to stop myself.


His name is Breslyn, Prince of Dagda of the Tuatha Dé. He is a royal Fae, immortal and endowed with more than eye candy looks. He is a being with immeasurable powers but life for him lacked something—so he looked around, and found...humans.
Watching their lives and interactions, from another dimension filled him with feelings he had thought long lost in the ennui of immortality. The more he watched--the more addicted to their antics he became. An affection for the human race grew inside the heart Fae are not supposed to have, and it was inevitable that he began to have preferences with regards to them.
In 1314, when Scotland’s rule was in jeopardy and the British were about to take more than they should, he chose a side--and then he saw her, and nothing would ever be the same for the prince ever again…


Prince Prelude: Legend begins the Legend story. It tells you why and how Spellbound: Legend came to be. Seductive, powerful Lamia DuLaine is used to getting what she wants - and she wants Julian Talbot. From the moment she sees him in the hedonistic atmosphere of 1814 Brussels, she knows she must have the roguishly handsome lord, and nothing as inconsequential as an innocent chit of a fiancee will stand in her way. After all, Lamia has more than just beauty in her arsenal; a thousand years of living have given the DuLaine unparalleled expertise at manipulating humans, especially men. Julian's betrothed, Maxie Reigate, however, is more than just a simple, pretty miss; she has powers of her own - some of which even she doesn't yet know about. And Maxie also has an ally in her corner: the Fae Prince of the House of Dagda. But Prince Breslyn's role in this battle may be limited, for he has another human woman to worry about, one who has been badly used by the Fae queen's friend Gaisioch. Plus, Bres has promised his queen that in the matter of Julian, Maxie, and Lamia, he won't directly interfere... Spellbound: Legend is the next book in the series.

At any rate, he left feeling better, and she closed up the restaurant feeling somehow sad. She was sure something was terribly wrong in Brian’s life. She went back to the bar as it was still open for drinks and some of the locals weren’t ready to leave. Finally. She breathed a sigh of relief after the last customer departed and she locked upfor the night.

That was when it happened. Sometimes she felt something and knew it was a whisper of things to come--BJ often got those feelings. Other times she got a blast of what was definitely on its way. What happened next foreshadowed what was coming—the Unseelie! She felt something merge with and enter the atmosphere. She brushed it off as one of her many inexplicable premonitions. And then it happened. She had never seen a dark Fae before, though she had heard the stories from her mother. She knew a great deal of Fae history. However, she would not have believed they had escaped the Dark Realm had she not seen them with her own eyes, and there was no mistaking one of them when she saw it. She had closed up for the evening and was in the shadows of the parking lot when she saw them for the first time—two of them


--the damn doorknocker sounded again, and loud enough to shake me up and make me climb out of that dark, hot place to fling the door wide open. I must have looked like I felt, damn irritated.
He stood—a giant of a Fae in human Glamour.
I was momentarily taken aback. He was huge, well over six something, and his strong, muscular body spelled out top-notch male. His long, light auburn hair was streaked with gold and tied with a leather string at the nape of his neck (and what a neck). Around that neck was a gold torque with the insignia engravings of his Royal House, Lugh of the Tuatha Dé.
I felt my eyes open wide. He was a prince, and he was at my front door? Why?
Beneath his lightweight black leather jacket, he wore a black Polo shirt tucked into his Lauren blue jeans; his black leather belt held a gold buckle engraved with etchings. He wore gold-tipped Gucci boots. This Fae knew how to outfit himself. 


--He wasn’t alone. Gaiscioch had four royal princes at his back and they were, unlike their dark Fae brethren, absolutely devastatingly beautiful. They had the Lianhan going on (which means they emit some kind of aphrodisiac power over humans). Fae are basically immune to the power, but a human, could literally die from the sexual addiction that occurs. A human would be compelled beyond reason to have any and all sexual exercise with a Lianhan. More simply put, you could say that a human would if possessed by a Fae with the Lianhan aura actually screw herself to death.
  At any rate, I took their measure (happily immune to their sexual aura). They moved into position, and stood two on each side of Gais--they were naked to the waist, and their slacks were tight fitting dark brown leathers. Their muscular chests were covered with impressive tattoos as were their biceps, the kind that left me believing they were steeped in black magic.
  Each of the four Dark Royals was classically sculptured, and exquisitely handsome, but I saw at once, that although their eyes glittered a coal shade of black that was exceptionally beautiful and somehow in spite of the coldness in the recesses of their eyes, managed to send waves of lust towards me.

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