Awakening Series - Claudy Conn

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Awakening Series


Windmera is as lovely as she is illegitimate. Two rivals, both handsome and virile sought to have her for his own. One was the bold young American buccaneer captain, the other the bastard son of an English lord.

Against the exotic backdrop of Barbados and then the Cornish countryside, a tumultuous love story unfolds. Reckless passions and wild adventures take a young strong woman into her soul because she dared to love the stranger in her heart.


Their story begins in 1872...when Sara first set her sights on Godwin.
She didn't love him, but she needed him.
However fate played a game with their lives. Godwin goes to the cliffs of Cornwall and there sees Heather Martin.
Forbidden love
Sara, Godwin's wife was not going to be set aside and so it begins. An epic tale of friendship, betrayal, passion and wickedness.


Against the exotic backdrop of the West Indies, during the war of 1812 with the British, from Mystic, Connecticut to the Cornish countryside, a saga unfolds a tumultuous story of reckless passions and wild adventures. This is Windy’s story. Windy who was a woman who dared to love the stranger in her heart and break out of society’s dictums.

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