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Independent & Regency Romances


TWO Mr. WRONGS! Lord Waremont was the very pink of the haut ton…too wild by half, and much too flirtatious. He was always getting into scrapes, but what he had just done was unthinkable and unforgivable.
Irked by his mother, he switched identities with his best friend. Just for a lark…
He wasn’t counting on Maxie Tarnover who would turn his world upside down with a glare. Intrigue and murder cuts into romance and when the dazzling dance of deception ends, would love find a way?
He intrigued her. He was a blatant contradiction of everything she was so sure of. One moment he was an arrogant rake, the next a gentle caring man. His twinkling blue eyes caught and held her attention as she answered his question, “Whatever I may think of you today or tomorrow, I know you were just a hero…”
He had not yet released her fingers, and now brought up her hand so that her wrist was exposed. She trembled to the touch of his lips on her wrist. Their eyes met and she was all too aware of electricity…

Mandy’s brother, Ned is in trouble. He has been accused of murdering the woman who had been clearly trying to seduce him.
Their guardian, the Duke of Margate is summoned to help.
Mandy had always assumed he was an old man. But, the duke was far from old. He was, in fact, virile, dashing and oh so good looking.
The duke enjoyed being a confirmed bachelor…and then he met Mandy.
But, first things first—they had to prove Ned innocent.


Witty and refreshingly candid, lovely Serena has been capturing hearts young and old alike. Her guardian uncle worries, though, that at twenty-three she will soon become a spinster. He wants a better life for her than that, but she doesn’t want to make a match without her heart being in it.

And none of the men courting her have touched her heart—not Warren, the old friend who woos her even as he eyes other women; certainly not Eustace, the minister concerned more with appearances than compassion; not even Freddy, perhaps the most ardent of her suitors but at nineteen still a puppy.

Then Freddy’s uncle, the handsome Lord Pendleton, arrives to extract his nephew from the woman he expects Serena to be—one interested only in wealth and a title. When he refuses to believe that, far from trying to ensnare Freddy, she has been urging him to return to Oxford, her ire gets the better of her. She decides to let his lordship stew in his own juices. And when it becomes clear Lord Arrogant’s plan is to get her to change her course from Freddy to himself, feisty Serena sets her own course. 

Star Berkley had never seen the likes of Sir Edward. He was so damned arrogant. He was so damned fashionable and so damned insolent.
Added to this, was the fact that he was the most handsome man she had ever come across in all her twenty years of life!
Sir Edward, for his part, could do without the pert country airs of a chit like Miss Berkley. She was impish, plain-spoken and obviously not his sort, which, was just as well for it seemed she had stolen the heart of his closest friend.
And then—Sir Edward stumbled onto a most sordid secret: the Berkleys estate teetered on ruination, and brother and sister were being brutally blackmailed by a vile den of thieves.
Sir Edward meant to save them if only Star would allow him and he was a determined man, determined that she would allow him—everything. 

- UK

The Lady had a lot to learn and he was just the gentleman to teach her!
Kitty was a high-spirited country girl with no pretensions. She would conceal her long fair hair beneath a peaked cap and ride the open fields in britches and high boots.
She didn’t care a fig about the beau monde…until an arrogant, impossibly handsome nobleman decided it was time for her to become a lady.
By the terms of his uncle’s will, the Earl of Halloway had to find Kitty a husband, or he wouldn’t receive a farthing. What started as a daunting challenge for the confirmed bachelor became an intriguing dance. Would time run out before this mismatched pair discovered the truth—that they were falling in love? 


Charlie knows when she first sees Wade Devon that he is trouble.
She can tell that Wade likes to win. It is what he does.
He is used to getting what he wants and he makes it obvious that he wants her…no strings attached. So she has to ask herself, should she, or shouldn’t she? 


Come on in and meet Lady Nicole Beaumont in a joyous adventure in Regency England. Will she throw convention to the winds and her heart to a man who is just out of her reach? 

Lady Nicki was headed for her first London Season, and she had what it would take to be a smashing success.
She enchanted, she charmed and she slayed the London Beaus, but, from the start she knew who. she wanted, and he was a confirmed bachelor.
She knew what he was. She knew about his women, but, nothing was going to stop her from trying to win his heart.
Would she or was he past falling in love? 


A reckless lady, an enraptured rake join in a dangerous game!

Vivacious Lilly enters her first London Season with a perfect opportunity to foil Sir Anthony Meade, the scheming blackguard who had trifled with her affections. What better way to catch a scoundrel than to enlist the aid of another, the rakish Earl of Raeburn. However, the unexpected cuts into her plans!

When the earl reluctantly agreed to squire the alluring Lilly about London, he never expected to be inveigled into her reckless scheme. He never expected to find a ‘country bumpkin’ such delightful company. He owed it to his aunt to keep a watchful eye over Lilly, but the vixen was forever on the go. Bloody hell, but, who was going to protect him from Lilly’s refreshingly spirited charms—or from his own desires?


Spirited Lacey Burton was an heiress. Trouble there. Her stepmother wanted her married and not just to anyone, but to the man that was her stepmother’s lover!
Lacey refused and rushed off in the middle of the night as she headed for Nottingham in disguise. She was determined to keep her identity a secret.
Fate waved its unpredictable hand.
Along the road she met Sir Roland Keyes, a self-confessed fortune hunter. He believed Lacey to be poverty stricken, but even so…he found her irresistible. It didn’t matter how much he cared for her, he knew he had no choice. He had to make a marriage of convenience.
Enter a famous balloonist, jewelry thieves and some lively intrigue with Lacey weaving her way in and out of the game as it grew out of control!


Lord Severn was in today's terms--hot!
In the regency era, he was a rogue, and very devastatingly so, but Mary wasn’t interested in him at all. 
She had been infatuated with Richard of Grey since their adventures with her brother, when they met at Montlaine in Cornwall.
Richard, however, believed he was in love with another and seemed to think of Mary as a sister.
Mary decided to ask Severn who was such a good friend of her brother to help her in a plan to win Richard's heart.
Things got complicated.
So it began, this merry-go-round tale of love, villainy, adventure and romance.
Come meet the Devil of Montlaine’s sister, all grown up in Mary of Montlaine!

Maddie, with Brandy's help takes London by storm. But she doesn't want to. She soon finds there is only one person she wants to take by storm and he is unattainable.
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