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Author News & Updates

2020 is here and with is, the promise of great things to come! Hoping great things for us all!

Life is always such an adventure and I hope the second series in my Can’t Stop Series can bring some of my adventure to some of yours.
CAN’T STOP-WANTING, takes Smoke, Grail and the team on a wild and wooly mission first to the Isle of Tir, where we visit with some favorites, like Prince Breslyn!
Then off we go to the Deatach Realm where secret after secret is revealed as Smoke attempts to save her father!  Will she succeed?  One thing we know - she WILL NOT give up! 
Winter here in NC has been cold and wet, so my Bob has been stoking the wood burning stove, night and day.
Our Bella is now ten months old and a wild woman! So much fun.

Want to have a look at our feisty girl?  Here ya go!

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